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Apply to NannyPod! Get safe Babysitting / Nanny / Infant Night Nurse jobs and provide Childcare Taxi Rides via the NannyPod Taxi App which is similar to Uber.

We have hundreds of families in the area who book our sitters on an occasional and consistent basis. NannyPod removes the hassle of finding families, confirming when you can work, and negotiating pay. Whether you are looking to sit the occasional date night, work regularly as a babysitter, find a long term nanny position or just provide the childcare taxi service, we are confident NannyPod will suit you!

Sitter / Nanny Pay Rates

Platinum (1 Star - 4 Stars): $19 - $38 Per Hour +

Gold: $17 - $21 Per Hour +

Silver: $15 - $19 Per Hour +

Bronze: $13 - $17 Per Hour +

Copper: $10 - $15 Per Hour +

Infant Night Nurse Pay Rates

Night Nurse: $25 - $35 Per Hour +

Children’s Taxi Pay Rates

Driver receives 75% of all fees paid by passengers / families:

  • $15 Minimum Fee + $5 Booking Fee + $1 Per Mile + $0.5 Per Minute + Tips
  • $15 Cancellation Fee


  • Minimum of 2 years paid childcare / teaching experience
  • CPR Certification (Can be attained Online for $19.50)
  • Ability to pass thorough background check, including random drug screening, driving record, and criminal history
  • Registered Nurse (RN) Certification if applying as an Infant Night Nurse
  • Childcare Taxi Eligibility:


NannyPod Advantages

  • Smartphone Scheduling & Payment App
  • Work when you can
  • Paid by Direct Deposit
  • Paid for every minute worked
  • 2 Hour Appointment Minimum for Sitters / 4 Hour Appointment Minimum for Nannies / 6 Hour Appointment Minimum for Infant Night Nurses
  • Paid for staying overnight
  • Paid when families cancel last minute within 12 hours of start time for babysitting / nanny / infant care appointments
  • Paid when families cancel last minute with 3 minutes of start time of Childcare Taxi Rides
  • Families are background checked for your safety
  • Liability Insurance Protection (Protects you if liable for an accident)
  • Gym Membership Discounts
  • CPR Course Fee Discount of 33% through Coast CPR (
  • Random Drug Test & Background Checks paid for by NannyPod
  • $25 Referral Bonuses for referring families and sitters/nannies/night nurses. Conditions apply.
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Do you have a working Smartphone?
Do you have access to a laptop, tablet, desktop computer and regular access to the Internet?
Are you able to respond to childcare requests within 2 hours of receiving the automated text message requests? If not, please explain why and how long you feel it could take you to respond. Thank you.
Do you currently have a valid CPR Certification? (If not please take it now, thank you:
Are you willing and able to keep your CPR up to date?
Can you pass a thorough background check including driving record, and criminal history?
Can you pass a random drug test if requested?
Do you have at least 2 years of paid childcare / teaching experience?
Are you comfortable with and able to cook and prepare meals for children?
Are you comfortable with bathing children and bedtime routines?
Are you willing to do light housekeeping for the family?
Are you willing to work holidays?
Are you willing to work overnights?
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm you have a reliable vehicle with rear seat belts?
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm that your auto is newer than 15 years old, thank you.
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm that your auto has 4 doors, thank you.
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm that your auto is in good condition, clean with no cosmetic damage, thank you.
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm that you have at least 1 Child Seat and 1 Booster Seat, thank you.
Childcare Taxi Eligibility: Please confirm that your Child Seat is installed correctly in your car. You can have this checked at any Fire Station.
Please confirm that you have read the link below outlining our terms and conditions. Thank you.