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Columbia, South Carolina, United States · NannyPod · 0917


Apply to NannyPod and get safe babysitting/nanny/infant night nurse jobs!

Join the NannyPod Team and work based on your availability! We have hundreds of families in the area who book our sitters on an occasional and consistent basis. NannyPod removes the hassle of finding families, confirming when you can work, and negotiating pay. Whether you are looking to sit the occasional date night or work regularly as a babysitter, we are confident NannyPod can help!

*Get paid a 4 Hour Minimum for Sitter & Nanny Appointment / 6 Hour Appointment Minimum for Infant Night Nurses (even when families come home early or cancel within 12 hours of start time)

Sitter / Nanny Pay Rates

Platinum (1 Star - 4 Stars): $19 - $38 Per Hour +

Gold: $17 - $21 Per Hour +

Silver: $15 - $19 Per Hour +

Bronze: $13 - $17 Per Hour +

Copper: $10 - $15 Per Hour +

Infant Night Nurse Pay Rates

Night Nurses: $25 - $35 Per Hour +

Children’s Taxi Pay Rates

Drivers receive 75% of all fees paid by passengers / families:



NannyPod Advantages

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