About NannyPod

Our Mission:

  • We are a childcare network of Nanny Agencies, Nannies, Sitters, Infant Care Specialists and Parents seeking childcare.
  • We provide Nanny Agencies with a recruitment platform to run your business efficiently.
  • We provide Families with safe reliable childcare via NannyPod and local Nanny Agencies.
  • We provide qualified Sitters, Nannies and Infant Care Specialists with opportunities to connect with great families.

Advantages for Sitters / Nannies / Infant Care Specialists

  • Long-term Nanny Placements available e.g. full-time or part-time nanny jobs
  • Short-term childcare appointments available e.g. date-night babysitter jobs / one time nanny jobs / back up care jobs
  • Infant care appointments available e.g. day time or night time specialized baby care jobs
  • Scheduling App
  • Paid by Direct Deposit
  • Paid for every minute (4 Hour Minimum for Sitters, 4 Hour Minimum for Nannies, 6 Hour Minimum for Infant Care) even when families come home early or cancel within 12 hours of the start time
  • Paid for staying overnight
  • Paid when families cancel last minute
  • Families are background checked for your safety
  • Gym Membership Discounts
  • Background checks paid for by NannyPod
  • Local Area Manager potential (LAMs)
  • State Area Manager potential (SAMs)
  • Regional Area Manager potential (RAMs)
  • National Area Manager potential (NAMs)
  • Corporate HQ Full Time positions

NannyPod Sitters receive $25 referral bonus for each family they refer who uses 25 hours or more, and each new nanny / sitter they refer who works more than 25 hours. NannyPod is free to all Sitters, Nannies & Infant Care Specialists as long as you complete 25 hours in appointments over a 1 year period. Conditions apply.

Advantages for Nanny Agencies

  • Hiring Recruitment Platform that automatically posts jobs across 15 main websites including Care.com, Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, GlassDoor, Google Jobs, Yahoo, Bing and more
  • Background Check & Drug Test functionality
  • Calendar Interview Scheduling & Syncing
  • Business Consults to help your Nanny Agency
  • Business Success Guides
  • Marketing Guides
  • Professionally developed marketing kits that work
  • Professional social media content to help you get more followers
  • Use of NannyPod logo

Extra Benefits

  • NannyPod helps you get more income
  • NannyPod complements your business
  • We are approved by over 500 Universities & Colleges to post jobs

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If you have any questions, please simply just email us, thank you: [email protected]

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